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Lotus Crystal Drop

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Lotus – Wearing a lotus can remind us that every day is an opportunity for our spiritual qualities of compassion, wisdom, contentment and love to blossom.

Just as a lotus grows from the muddy pond, the lotus symbolizes that our spiritual qualities can blossom even amidst the mud of suffering and Samsara. Irrespective of the difficulties we face in life, we always have a choice to practice wholesome positive states of mind, like tolerance and compassion. And just as it takes time and effort for that lotus to grow out of the darkness and mud, with a bit of diligence and joyous effort, our mind can grow into something beautiful and bright and become a source of our awakening.

In Buddhist imagery, Buddhas and bodhisattvas are often seated or standing on lotuses. This symbolizes that just as the muddy water doesn’t adhere to the lotus petals but rolls off easily, Buddhas and bodhisattvas can remain in Samsara to benefit sentient beings without being touched or polluted by its faults (due to their purified mind and attainments).