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The Shake 'N Take is a great size for a single serving of a protein shake, smoothie or whatever
 drink you need to mix. It mixes up quickly, can crush ice so your drink is nice & cold, and it's
small enough so you can take it with you anywhere. I use it for a quick protein shake meal when
 I'm in a hurry. I am looking to buy another container so others can have a quick shake too without
 having to wash out the one container it comes with. Great gift idea!

Shake *Take is the perfect solution if you don't have time to eat, but need a healthy,
energizing smoothie to take with you on the go. Blend and drink from the same 16 ounce bottle.
Crushes ice instantly! Compact size fits auto cup holder. Plugs into any standard outlet. Features
 high-powered base motor and spill-resistant, flip top lid straw.

    NOTES: this is AC 220v 50hz 180w, it‘'s suitable for  EU Voltage standard but not USA.

This is one cup price, two cup need USD35.02, place the order, we will Modify the price

Name:Shake n Take 3 generation portable mini juicer

Size: Length: Mixer:30*10*10cm   mixing cup:23*7cm

Material: Plastic, stainless steel


Wide Range of Use:House


First, take the cup and knife head there first rotation is good, then

After installation in the machine, note that this site has four small mouth, when the cup put

Be sure to rotate when you go in, so that the machine can not be separated from the cup and then plug

Power, hand machine that has been holding down the button, each press stopped about 10 seconds,

The duration can not be more than one minute, otherwise it will affect the machine because the temperature is too high

Core Oh, remember. Hit the fruit into juice so far. Also note that it is important to fight

Fruit of the time to add some water or milk into it, so went back to become

Juice Oh, you can hit the ice, a great juicer!

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